Cyspera Cream and the Melasma Mustache - As Seen in New Beauty Magazine

How to Beat a ‘Melasma Mustache’ Like a Dermatologist as seen in New Beauty

How to Beat a ‘Melasma Mustache’ Like a Dermatologist!

In a recent article How to Beat a ‘Melasma Mustache, in New Beauty Magazine dermatologists offer great advice on how to rid hyperpigmentation. For we all want an even skin tone, yet as we age we need to address our changing skin!


What is a melasma mustache?

To begin, Melasma is a condition in which different parts of the skin become darker than the surrounding skin area. Doctors call this hyperpigmentation. As we age, dark spots typically will appear on the facial area, above your lip, around the forehead, cheeks and neck. One likely reason you might be prone to get melasma is sun damage Another trigger that brings about the onset of melasma can be hormonal and this is usually brought on by pregnancy and birth control pills. Even skin tone is what we all want and paying attention to any facial discoloration is key to healthy glowing skin. 


Cyspera the Spot Corrector No more Melasma Mustache

How to Get Rid of a Melasma Mustache

No matter the treatment approach, there are viable options out there to correct melasma from sun damage . Its time to rid yourself of those unwanted brown spots. If there is one thing all of the skin-care experts we spoke to stressed, it was that melasma is extremely hard to beat without consistency and dedication to a treatment plan. 

We have the solution to all of the above and it starts with Cyspera, the cysteamine cream that will clear hyperpigmentation. Cheeks, forehead, nose and your upper lip will all thank you for Cyspera is by far the best cream for dark spots on face. Imagine that, finally a topical face cream that will say goodbye to age spots, lighten skin in the areas you want it to and no more brown patches. A healthy glowing skin boost is what this face cream is all about.

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