The Colors that Contribute to the Dark Circles Under Your Eyes

Differnet Colors Contribute to the Eyes Dark Circles

The Eyes Dark Circles 

Do You Know what colors mean when you see the dark circles under your eyes? Keep reading and you will understand what it means when you see red, brown or blue and what you can do to have younger looking eyes that are bright and beautiful. 


  • due to vascular changes and skin thinning. .


  • due to environmental damage, chronic inflammation and oxidative stress.


  • due to melanin production.

Eye Cream Must Have in Your Skin Care Regimen 

Of course all you need to do is Using an eye cream day and night is an essential part of your anti-aging skin care. A small amount is all you need for brighter, younger-looking eyes. . 



SENTÉ Illuminé Eye Cream

Dr Pratt recommends the SENTE Illumine Eye Cream Intensive 

Illuminé Eye Cream for it is powered by our patented Heparan Sulfate Technology (HSA).

As we age our internal heparan sulfate (HS) levels in our skin decrease which is one of the factors behind aging skin. Given all the other elements like air pollution, UVA and UVB sun rays, lack of sleep and even stress that all help to contribute and further wrinkly, dry on skin because the HS balance is off. Endogenous HS is a dynamic and multifunctional molecule that plays a critical role in skin health, aging and wound healing so keeping the HS levels in balance as we age is so very important.


And that is just one of the many reasons you need this Sente anti-aging eye cream in your skincare regimen!






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