Cyspera Cysteamine Cream
Cyspera Cysteamine Cream

Cyspera Cysteamine Cream

Dr Pratt Anti-Aging Skincare

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Cyspera Cysteamine Cream

For An Even Skin Tone

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Isnt it time to make the move to even skin tone with Cyspera !

It’s here! Cyspera Cysteamine Cream, the skincare breakthrough dark spot corrector that  works to even your skin tone and visibly reduce the signs of aging. Cyspera cream is the first and only topical cream formulated with cysteamine hydrochloride (HCl) which will diminish the appearance of uneven discolored skin. Cyspera® cream penetrates rapidly to attack hyperpigmentation while preventing the formation of new discoloration for a visibly even skin tone and clarity.

what is cysteamine HCI cream

What is Cysteamine?

Cysteamine is a natural antioxidant found in the body, that helps reduce hyper pigmentation and lightens the skin. If you are looking for a topical cream that delivers clear and flawless skin, Cysteamine HCI Cream is the best option for that.



The many advantages of Cysteamine Cream: 

Cyspera Cysteamine Cream to even out skin tone

Cyspera® - Cysteamine Hydrochoride Cream 

Who Is It For:

Cysteamine cream is a skin-lightening agent that is formulated to clear pigmentation disorders so if you are concerned with skin hyperpigmentation such as age spots, melasma, dark patches, freckles and Post-Inflammatory hyper pigmentation (PIHP). Perfect for sensitive skin as well as all skin types.

Cyspera Cream is the Solution For:

  • Aging Dark Spots
  • Persistent Brown Patches
  • Improving Facial Skin tone appearance
  • Dull Uneven Skin Texture
  • Bottom Line Cyspera Cream is the beauty solution for those who want to know how to even skin tone

Cysteamine Topical Cream can be applied regardless of the sun intensity, on any skin type, to the face, neck and body.

*This is a bonus beauty treatment especially for those with sensitive skin .

Cyspera Cysteamine Cream to even out skin tone

Dermatologist Treatment For Dark Spots

Independent dermatologists and pigment cell researchers have conducted clinical studies that unequivocally confirmed the efficacy of Cysteamine Cream. While many dermatologists commonly recommend topical hydroquinone or retinol (an over-the-counter form of vitamin A) as the treatment of choice to even out skin tone. We all know that these beauty treatments do not come with out annoying side effects.

Cyspera Cysteamine Hydrochloride Is Formulated WITHOUT:


  • Hydroquinone free -In a topical cream this is the gold standard dermatologic treatment for dark spots on face. It is used to lighten or “bleach” skin. And hydroquinone is recommended for short-term use only.

  • RETINOL free - as many know you may  need to use a retinoid product for several months before you see results. Retinoid products may make your skin dry and more sensitive to the sun. For these reasons Cyspera is the best cream for hyperpigmentation.

Cysteamine cream should not be used by anyone with a personal or family history of the depigmenting disorder, vitiligo.

Do no use if you are pregnant or breast-feeding.


SENTÉ Labs in partnership with Scientis Pharma, a leading dermatology research company based in Geneva, Switzerland, have released the world’s first cysteamine based cream to clear hyperpigmentation complexion leaving you with an even skin tone.  

SENTÉ Labs in partnership with Scientis, a Swiss dermatology company (dedicated to developing novel dermo-cosmetic solutions to address skin pigmentation concerns, expands its portfolio of physician exclusive skincare solutions in the United States with the introduction of Cyspera, a novel intensive pigment corrector formulated with Cysteamine HCI.