Dr. Pratt Super Skin – a New Line of Skincare

The Anti-Aging Skincare Miracle Collection Launches

Miracle Moisture from the new anti-aging skincare line by Dr. Pratt

Miracle Moisture – The Skin Repair Serum

Some call it the magic blue potent but Dr. Pratt calls this silky potent beauty serum, The Miracle Moisture for once you start to use this beauty serum in your skincare regime you will see that your skin is regenerated, rejuvenated and revived. A serum that leaves your skin with truly super skin that has that healthy glow we are all after.


The Miracle Face Cream - Dr Pratt SuperSkin with Green Tea

Miracle Face Cream

If you know Dr. Pratt he loves Green Tea and not only to drink it! This miracle face cream provides optimal hydration for healthy glowing skin. It is a an anti aging face cream that is an amazing skin booster that soothes, protects and nourishes your skin. It is also a skin firming cream leaving your skin feeling rejuvenated.


Facial Toner Mist Dr Pratt Super Skin Miracle Collection

The Miracle Toner Mist

You cant help but loves this toner mist. It plumps, it purifies and it protects your skin while balancing your skin's ph balance. One spritz of this miracle mist and you wihave the younger looking healthy glow.

*Beauty Tip - Using a toner in your anti aging skin care routine is a step that should never be left out.

 This toner removes excess oils. Tightens those nasty pores.